Dicey Dungeons - Soundtrack

Dicey Dungeons - Soundtrack

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The official soundtrack to Dicey Dungeons, by Chipzel.

When you buy this DLC, the soundtrack will be downloaded to a folder called "Dicey Dungeons Soundtrack" alongside Dicey Dungeons in your steam application folder. The soundtrack will also appear in Steam's media player.


1. Your Host For Tonight
2. Come On Down (Character Select)
3. Beginner's Luck
4. Fighting Chance
5. Swing Me Another 6
6. Step Right Up
7. Tempting Fate
8. Prepare to Dice
9. Against All Odds
10. Elimination Round
11. Lifeline
12. Bonus Round
13. The Showdown
14. Fortune Favours The Bold
15. A Brand New Washing Machine!
16. What You Could Have Won (Bestiary)
17. The Live Set
18. The Library
19. The Castle
20. The Crystal Mountain
21. The Jungle
22. The Ice Stage
23. The Volcano Stage
24. The Dark Forest
25. The Grotto
26. The Dungeon
27. Let's Meet Our Contestants
28. Play To Win
29. Let's Meet Our Host
30. Finale

MP3 format, 44100hz sample rate
320kbps bitrate, Stereo

Total size: 188 mb
Soundtrack length: 1 hour, 22 minutes



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